Drupalcon Sprint: Workbench Module

User flow for corporate marketing communications.
User flow for technical API documentation
Annotated wireframe for node moderation screen. Posted to issue queue with notes corresponding to callouts.

I worked with the team behind the Workbench Module on a UX sprint to think through and wireframe some needed UI changes.

At Drupalcon 2012, I participated in a design sprint for the Workbench module. Workbench allows clients with content-heavy workflows to incorporate moderation and review processes into their site. 

My contributions to the sprint included: 

  • User flows for two key publishing workflows: Corporate Communications and Technical Documentation.
  • A revised wireframe for the moderation of node content (i.e. articles that need review).
  • General discussion about user priorities, key user groups, and needs around setting up publishing workflows with the module.

Client: Workbench Module (Drupal Contrib)

What they Do: Content moderation for publishing-oriented Drupal sites.

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