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I helped this wellness coach and entrepreneur craft her identity, lock into her target audience and put together a website that helped her get her message to the world.

Joanna Scaparotti helps wellness professionals move beyond their emotional and mental blocks to build the practice of their dreams. I worked with her to help create the vision for her business, and develop a brand and positioning strategy, along with a full Drupal implementation, that resonated with her audience and made it easier to interact with them.

In addition to full brand positioning, identity design and social media strategy, I worked with her to create social tools within the site that allowed her to run virtual coaching groups within the site itself, making it easier for her to support multiple streams of income.

Within two years of launching her business, Joanna has managed to grow from a largely solo coaching practice to a fully functional business incubator for wellness professionals, with a sunny office in Beverly, MA and clients around the country.


Client: Joanna Scaparotti/The Healing Center

What they Do: Coaching and Business Strategy for Wellness Professionals

Visual Design and Branding