Project Giving Kids Field Research

Project Giving Kids aims to connect kids aged 7-12 and their parents with fun, engaging philanthropic activities that they can do together. I conducted research to help them understand how and why parents talk about philanthropy with their kids.

Project Giving Kids ( is a new website designed to connect parents and their children, aged 7-12, to philanthropic opportunities in the Boston area. It does this through building partnerships with Boston-area nonprofit organizations to identify age-appropriate activities that it lists on its website.

This research was conducted during the month of December 2013 with 11 parents and 5 children, aged 8-11. Its goals were to answer the following research questions:

  • How do parents introduce the concepts of philanthropy to their children?
  • How do parents and children work together to find opportunities for philanthropic activities?
  • How does the nature of the activity change when time is limited?

Methods:This was a mixed-methods study that included the following activities:

  1. Semi-structured interviews with 7 parents, all female, most in the Boston area;
  2. A focus group in the South End of Boston that included 5 parents and 4 kids aged 8-11, and included collaging activities, a semi-structured discussion with parents and their children, and a card sorting activity with the children;
  3. An online card-sorting activity to refine the organization of activities on the Project Giving Kids website;
  4. Recruitment of all participants from my personal network.

AdvisorMeena Kothandaraman, Bentley UniversityDeliverablesDeliverables included a final report, delivered to the director of Project Giving Kids, that included a detailed set of insights, and three updated personas for parents. Results from the card sorting activity were also delivered as a research report.All research was conducted as part of a Field Methods course at Bentley as part of my Master's program. The card sort activity was done as a group project for a Research Methods course during the same semester, and was a collaboration between myself and two other students.

Team Members: 
Meena Kothandaraman, Bentley University, Advisor

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Project Giving Kids Research Plan Research Findings and Personas Description and Results of Card Sort study


Client: Project Giving Kids/Bentley University

What they Do: Connect kids and their parents to charitable activities