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UX Vision: Drupal.org user profiles
Initial Design proposal: Drupal.org user profiles

As the new UX Lead for the Drupal.org Community Tools team, I had to start by assessing the state of the Drupal community's current tools, and coming up with a vision for each working area. 

I was brought in as the UX Lead on the Drupal Community tools team in April of 2014, at the same time that I was taking a course on UX Leadership at Bentley University. For my final assignment in the course, I took the opportunity to assess the overall UX maturity of our current community tools, craft a vision for the products that our team currently oversees, and use this strategy as a springboard for the team to prioritize its UX work.

After submitting the presentation to my instructor for feedback, I also sent it to Bojhan Somers, UX Lead of the Drupal Developer Tools team, for feedback. As one of the community's longest-standing UX contributors, his feedback was invaluable in shaping the final proposal. 

Contributions to Project: 

Since presenting the vision to the Community Tools team, we have created a comprehensive problem brief for each product area, and have prioritized on two key community-facing tools: Drupal.org user profiles, and Groups.Drupal.org. While some progress is also being made in the other product areas, these two are the current focus of the CT team's work.

Team Members: 
Bojhan Somers, UX Lead, Drupal Developer Tools Team
Tatiana Ugriomova and Neil Drumm, Drupal Association

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Client: Drupal Community Tools Team and Software Working Group